TaMarlon T. Carter is a visionary with various gifts whose aim is to cultivate an ambiance of success within various communities locally as well as nationally. Carter has a proven track record and is highly respected for his accomplishments as an advocate regarding issues related to youth and community services throughout the country. Carter has served at various levels during his time as a visionary.

Because of his willingness to serve unselfishly he has earned additional titles including Executive Consultant and Senior Advisor to Community Development Projects. Carter has walked into many fruitful doors. He has traveled throughout the United States and aboard. While traveling internationally to South Africa, he gained a greater appreciation of culture and humanity. Carter strives to remain focused and in full pursuit of greater things. He will continue to accept the charge to think outside of the box and not accept the “status quo”. It is his heartfelt desire that individuals will be encouraged, empowered, and enlightened to fulfill his or her purpose even in trying circumstances.

With the guidance and leadership of a diverse team of junior and senior advisors, Carter has excelled and achieved numerous accolades for his advocacy of continuing education. He is a graduate of Dallas Institute of Funeral Services of Dallas, Texas and continued his studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Leavell College in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Carter is currently endeavoring to educate communities on the impact of “Legacy Building”.  He is a Senior Partner of Legacy, which is a group of passionate people who believes that mentorship sparks the potential for great things to happen.  He is committed to helping people and organizations prepare for future success through lasting mentoring relationships.


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